Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

CODE Staffing exists to deliver unparalleled contingent technical staffing solutions to our clients. We empower their businesses with the talent and expertise they need to thrive. We focus on long-lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, collaboration and by providing access to our extensive network of industry connections.

We provide a great environment for our employees, so that we minimize churn for our clients. Our rigorous focus on training and regular meetings with client’s executives ensure that we understand their technological road map and guarantees that we provide the best people for their needs.

At CODE Staffing, we're committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, providing a fulfilling work experience for our employees, and building long-lasting partnerships within our community.

Our Vision

To achieve our mission, we focus on two core groups: our people and our clients.

For Our Clients

Our business philosophy is centered on building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients, rather than pursuing a large number of short-term engagements. By fostering close relationships with the organizations we serve, we aim to become a trusted and integral part of their operations, and to support their growth and success over the short and long term. We are committed to working collaboratively and transparently with our clients to enable their teams to deliver continued value to their businesses.

Our clients want to be able to focus on their business, not on managing multiple vendors for staffing. Here are some of the ways we help our clients build better software...

We act as a single vendor that knows our client’s business.

Prioritizing a few key accounts over a multitude of small accounts allows us to provide personalized services tailored to each of our clients. Our team works closely with our clients' organizations to gain a thorough understanding of their intricacies and to better grasp their overall goals and objectives.

We act as trusted, industry advisors to our clients.

Our executive team at CODE are a group of technologists who have owned long-standing, successful businesses. They speak around the world, write books and articles, and are acknowledged experts in their field. They have experience growing technology teams to thousands of people and have learned that the only way to succeed is to invest in our own employees. Every key client is assigned a member of our executive team as their contact – with regular quarterly meetings to understand where they are heading – both as a business and with technology. This approach enables us to ensure that our staff receives training in the technologies that our clients are moving towards, ensuring that we are always prepared to meet their needs.

We are committed to training and adopting new technologies in a straightforward manner.

Our dedication to keeping our staff well-trained and informed on the latest technologies ensures they are fully equipped to tackle any project for our clients. Our commitment to training paired with our vast experience in the field gives our team the confidence they need to excel in every client engagement while staying up to date on the latest technology.

We leverage CODE Training, a division of the CODE group specializing in training, to train not only our employees in upcoming technologies, but we make the training available to our clients’ personnel as well. By doing so, we enable their personnel to concentrate on their business operations, while we take charge of training both our own and our clients’ employees in technology.

We provide a clear legal differentiation between clients' employees and contractors- offering more flexibility.

The contractors we provide are our employees – with salary and benefits, as well as regular training. CODE takes the heavy-lifting out of managing (sometimes hundreds of) contractors, leaving our clients more time to focus on their projects and growing their business.

We create a system to keep contractors with our clients for the long-term.

By targeting great developers and providing ownership via profit sharing, our people are incentivized to stay with us and our clients for the long run. Focusing on training and the long-term investment in top talent not only helps the organizations we work with achieve sustained success but ensures that institutional knowledge doesn’t regularly disappear.

For Our People

Our approach is centered around creating an exceptional workplace environment that attracts and retains top talent, enabling us to provide our clients with a stable and reliable team. We prioritize fulfilling our employee’s essential needs by providing engaging work, competitive compensation, a sense of ownership and pride, and continuous opportunities for growth in both their technical and interpersonal skills.

Similar to our business philosophy, we prioritize long-term investment in our staff over filling short-term positions. We are committed to developing the full potential of our employees and supporting their career growth over time. To this end, we provide career mentorship opportunities, generous salaries and benefits, a profit-sharing plan that incentivizes everyone to work toward a common goal, and continuous comprehensive training in the latest technologies as well as in the industries our clients are focused on.

At CODE Staffing, we believe that happy employees lead to happy clients. By prioritizing employee satisfaction and delivering outstanding results for our clients, we can build strong, lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, and exceptional service.