The CODE Recruiting Process

Everything we do is about respecting the valuable time of our employees and our customers - we want to show the same respect to our candidates. We do not value long interview processes – we believe that, especially at the early stages of our ladder levels, we should be able to quickly ascertain the skills and applicability of candidates. As such, we have optimized our recruiting process so that there are only three interviews...

  1. The first interview is a recruiter screening. This screening is to make sure the candidate is aligned with the role and expectations, and to answer any preliminary questions that our candidates have.

  2. If you pass the recruiter screening, you’ll get a URL where you can schedule a technical interview for a time that is convenient to you. Code Staffing has partnered with Karat – a leading cloud interviewing company, so that the interviews are standardized, free of bias and can be done 24x7 at our candidates’ convenience.

    We benefit from Karat’s expertise which allows us to ensure that we will accept a diverse range of candidates. For this interview, you can expect a 60-minute video interview with an Interview Engineer that includes around 10-20 minutes of domain knowledge questions, followed by a 30–45-minute coding exercise. Our candidates are free to use Karat’s prep environment to practice before their interview and they are also given the opportunity to opt-in to a Redo Interview with Karat in the case that they’re not happy with the interview for any reason.

  3. If you pass the technical interview, we’ll schedule a final, executive interview. This is a video or in person meeting with one of the company executives so that our candidates can further discuss the company, and can ask any questions, etc. This also allows our candidates to get comfortable with us as an open company. We expect our employees to feel comfortable talking to any of our people – and this is a first example of that. If a candidate wants to add more meetings with other members of our company (or our clients), they are welcome to do that as well. At the end of that call, we’ll jointly make the hire/no hire decision, and you’ll receive an offer quickly if that’s appropriate.

If you're interested in knowing more about CODE Staffing or want to explore the possibility of working with or for us, please complete the form on our homepage, or submit your resume on our Job Postings tab! A member of the CODE team will promptly get in touch with you.